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About Hay Plains Landcare

Hay Plains Landcare are working to build a passionate group of local landholders and community members with a genuine interest in natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.

By becoming part of the Landcare community, you will belong to an iconic Australian movement which cares about making a real difference for the environment, farms and communities.

You will meet like-minded people and work together to have fun, learn new skills, run projects and campaigns to protect the environment and engage with stakeholders and decision makers.



Landcare is a grassroots movement built on communities and individuals taking collaborative action for the benefit of the environment. Landcare groups organise projects, support volunteers, seek funding and develop partnerships.



Landcare agricultural activities range from sustainable cropping techniques and grazing to local fox and pest and weed control programs, to training in safe chemical use and storage, to coordinated action with neighbouring landholders to plant wildlife corridors.



There is a huge range of land, water and region-based activities individuals can get involved with, from bush regeneration and weed control to stabilising riverbanks, to creating walking tracks and working with protected and threatened species.



Landcare groups provide a network of support to assist in the management of our natural resources sustainably in the context of a changing climate and the needs of a growing population.



Landcare groups engage in methods of conservation to protect our environment, including activities that involve sustainable farming education and practices, restoring rivers and waterways, creating wildlife corridors and revegetating bushland.



Landcare groups assist local communities to provide education and implement best practice measures to reduce the invasion of threatening species to agriculture.


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