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Re-valuing our rangelands - speaker presentations

PDF files of the presentations given at the Re-valuing our Rangelands Forum in Hay NSW 8th August 2012 are available for download below.

To access the original powerpoint files or utilise the photographs or information in these documents please contact the original presenters - contact details may be obtained from Kimberley Beattie




Carbon Markets and Market Influences - Dale Miles.pdf7.63 MB
'It Looks OK to Me' - Brendan Lay.pdf9.43 MB
Rangeland Monitoring and Biodiversity Data - Daryl Green.pdf4.59 MB
Monitoring over the Decades - David Gee.pdf6.32 MB
DustWatch - Stephan Heidenreich.pdf1.91 MB
Reclaiming the Future - David Eastburn.pdf5.43 MB
National Parks in the Riverina - Ross McDonnell.pdf552.69 KB
Wah Wah Wildlife From Tanks to Troughs - Matt Herring.pdf4.02 MB
Preserving our Rangelands - Martin Driver.pdf1.94 MB
Rangeland Monitoring and its Application - Cathy Waters.pdf3.67 MB
Landcare in the Western Riverina - Ian Auldist PART 1.pdf7.25 MB
Landcare in the Western Riverina - Ian Auldist PART 2.pdf9.75 MB