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Forum program - Re-valuing our rangelands

8th August Hay Services Club

8.30am Registration

9.00 Ted Wolfe - Welcome, welcome to country & introduction

9.30 Ian Auldist – Hay Trees on Plains Landcare – Landcare in the Western Riverina

Rangeland monitoring I

Chair: Ted Wolfe

10.00 David Gee – Monitoring rangeland condition on leases in Western Land Division

10.30 Stephan Heidenreich – Measuring soil movement - Dustwatch

11.00 Morning tea

Rangeland monitoring II

Chair: Yohannes Alemseged (DPI)

11.30 Cathy waters - Current monitoring programs & practical application of same

12.00 Daryl Green – Rangeland Monitoring and Biodiversity Data

12.40 Lunch

Keynote speaker: Carbon Farming in rangelands
Chair: Peter Holding

1.15pm Dale Miles - Carbon markets and market influences

  • CFI overview and opportunities for landholders
  • Carbon Credit generation and what projects are eligible
  • Verification of projects and the Rangelands Restoration methodology
  • Ongoing obligations for project participants
  • Examples of projects in the rangelands
  • How can a landholder get started

Rangeland revegetation and conservation: adding value or a feel-good fix?

Chair: Geoff Chapman (Murrumbidgee CMA)

2.15 NPWS – Reservation of productive land – How does NPWS value rangeland?

2.45 Martin Driver – Re-vegetation of rangeland – why do it?

3.15 Afternoon tea

Threatened rangeland communities

Chair: Dr Catherine Allan (CSU)

3.35 Matt Herring – Wildlife biodiversity and changing water infrastructure

4.05 David Eastburn -Maintaining human value as rangeland communities disappear.

4.35 Ted Wolfe – Concluding review – towards discussion document