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Hay Landcare Project Updates

Murrumbidgee Landcare is working with Hay Landcare, the Western Wah Wah Stock & Domestic Water Users Association and other organisations on two very exciting projects on the Hay plains at the moment: 'Water for Wildlife' and 'Why Wetlands?'.

Water for Wildlife in the Riverina Rangelands is undertaking on-ground works on several private properties and public land in the Wah Wah district. Several  sites are being established to demonstrate the various options available to local landholders who are interested in converting existing ground tanks into wetland areas that will serve at refuges for wildlife when the proposed Wah Wah Stock & Domestic Pipeline is constructed. Earthworks are currently underway.


Why wetlands? Raising community value of natural wetlands on the Hay Plain aims to raise community awareness of the value of natural wetlands around Hay. Natural wetlands serve a multitude of important roles within the landscape, and can impact global populations of migratory birds. Through a series of field days, 'Why wetlands?' aims to increase local understanding and appreciation of the important role our wetland areas serve.


For more information on these and other Hay Landcare projects, please follow the links above and on the projects page.